Well, it seems I do really have to keep writing again. As Technology began to be more interested than before. I have been changing my phone many times since last time I post my review, which is meant I have skip a good chance to tell others about how I feel and think about mobile phone that I use. Previously I have a plan to write down in English, but as I see lots of visitors on this blog mostly comes from Indonesia.

Ah I See! I will establish new Path for this Blog, this Path consist of:

  1. Mobile Phone Review (Smart phone)
  2. Traveling (Including Backpacker House Information and Budget Hotel Maybe?)
  3. My Opinion About New Technology Development of Each Phone
  4. Nostalgia (Some kind of old story about how things works in the past)

Well, for point 1-3-4 might be written in Indonesia. As it might be harder for me to write down things in English, but I will keep my concern to finish my post in English special for Point 2 (Traveling).

Maybe that’s all what I have to finish.

Anyway, it feels great to be back in this Home.

-Rumah Siiperantau-

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